Habitat Enhancements, llc

Improving your land with wildlife management using food plots, adding fish habitat in ponds and lakes, and adding habitat for small game and birds.

We are located in Desoto, Missouri and serve most of Missouri and Illinois.

Tony Overmann, Owner, is an expert in improving habitat for wildlife and fisheries. His knowledge gained from experience working for the Missouri Department of Conservation and education from University of Missouri earning a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management.

What we can do for you

Pond Management

We ensure your pond or lake is stocked with the proper numbers of fish and species of fish. If needed we will eliminate unwanted species and restock as needed.

You will be given advice on harvest techniques to keep your waters balanced for producing the numbers and size of fish you prefer.


Land Management

Food plot preparation and planting enhances your property for wildlife. The additional food sources attract many species of wildlife to your land and planting can be customized for species you prefer to attract.


Feral Hog Removal

Our staff uses several techniques to eradicate feral hogs including baiting, hunting and trapping.


Land Maintenance

Keeping your land easily accessible for your use requires equipment and time. Many land owners prefer to enjoy their land without the added work. Land maintenance including clearing, brush hogging, tree care, adding cover to ponds and lakes, and maintaining the perimeter for fishing access.


Absentee Land Owner Maintenance

Land owners who do not reside on their property have difficulty in maintaining the land. We provide all of our services for absentee land owners so you can enjoy your property without the worry of maintaining it.